In(verses) Ways – video installation

In(verses) Ways – video installation

Best Art Work of the Master Degree Course (Image Arts) of Nihon University College of Arts – Prize Sawamoto Noriyoshi 2009

Within the video discourse, I work on the present moment and my real experiences between Brazil and Japan. The images of the videos show my body immersed in three different places and moments; in Brazil, in Japan and in my constructed way, which I call [Zuihitsu]. Thus, I merge the imaginary (Zuihitsu) and the reality (the images of Japan and Brazil) for the construction of a poetic way.

[Zuihitsu] is the abstraction of my perceptions between Brazil and Japan. Here, I refer directly to the definition of the word Zuihitsu, which in the literal definition of the Japanese Language means “following the brush”. The two other videos are the bridge connecting me to the two countries and to [Zuihitsu]. Different from the more experimental [Zuihitsu], they show ordinary images of Brazil and Japan, referring directly to my reality.

When the two videos (Japan and Brazil) are installed in front of each other, they are visually connected through one guide-line which appears in the middle of the images. Here, I use the guide-line reference fixed on the sidewalks for visually disabled people. The guide-line, refers to the way which can be followed at anyplace, because the right (zuihitsu) way is perceived only inside of us.

January, 2009