Culture of Amorphous Words

Culture of Amorphous Words is a series of objects and drawings which I have been developing since 2006. I use different materials such as petri dishes, test tubes, gold thread and silk cotton. This series playfully alludes to the relation between Arts and Science, as a poetic experimentation to the investigation of our origins.

Series I e II, Poeplantswords – drawing and object.

Series III, Chromosome 5 7 5 (-one) – objects.
Identification of the genes on Chromosome 5 7 5 (– one):
MW28: Myself (this is my word/mirror – member 79)
LATONAT: Sine qua non
(Sub family NATU: Adoption Naturam Imitatur)
WWW: Biomimetical Amorphous (ligand WORDS)
SenSe: NON Infinite Emptiness/ BIO reflect disease
CCO1: ZEN ligand All in one One in all (CyCleO1)
CCO2: Family (MY FLOWER (CyCleO2)
CCO3: Willows are green Flowers are red factor (CycleO3)
P-HYOR: Physical Hybrid ORGANISMS (AMOUR Syndrome)

Series IV, Reproduction of a Flower – object and drawings

Series VI - Trans(poe)plants - objects