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Mi Casa, Su Casa (from the Spanish expression My Home is Your Home) is a project which allow the participation not only of the eyes, but also of the hands, colors and expression of those visiting the exhibition.

A city is constructed through the union of different dreams, desires and anonymous hopes. The city of Nagoya, which is constructed under the Japanese cultural tradition, is a city of fluid identities and landscapes: the transit for different nationalities, where the old and the new are dialoguing in the same architectural space and the nostalgia of an absent past revived in the contemporary Japan.

In the project Mi Casa, Su Casa, I deconstruct the city of Nagoya into my imaginary Nagoya, and ask the spectators to reconstruct it from their reality. Mi Casa, Su Casa consists of a large puzzle-drawing assembled by the hands of people in a way similar to the construction of a city.

Each person visiting the exhibition will be invited to fill in one white piece of the puzzle with his wishes like in the tradition of the Japanese Ema. (Ema 絵馬are small wooden plaques on which Shinto worshippers write their prayers or wishes). After people write their innermost thoughts, they will collaborate to compose a genuine drawing connecting their words to my drawing or my imagined city. Therefore, their words will become part of my drawing (of my home), and me part of their lives and the life of the city.

Mi Casa, Su CasaThe idea is to create a puzzle-drawing with a form related to my previous works, in which I use the collage of Japanese Cartographic maps and written words to create drawing compositions. Through the written word, I give an aesthetic form to my imaginary Japan, a place always present at home and in my childhood imagination.


Mi Casa, Su Casa
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From 15th to 26th of September

Follow the project in the blog micasaichi Aichi Triennale 2010

from 15/09 to 03/10/2010 (from 11am to 7pm)

Chojamachi Textile Wholesale Center
(Choja Machi area)
Nagoya city, Aichi-ken, Japan


This project has received support from the Brazil Contemporary Art Program of Sao Paulo Biennial Foundation and from the Ministry of Culture.