“The drawing has always been part of my artistic repertoire. It is very close to the idea of a visual diary, whose elements are found in the poetic of the written word; sometimes mine, sometimes others’.

At the same time the words are used to create the contextual ideas, they are transformed into compositional forms of the drawing. When I use them as visual elements, I try to transpose in a clear and comprehensible way all my emotions and memories: the remembrances rooted in an absent culture (Japan) but vivid in my family’s environment and the record of my journey between different homes and cultures.

The drawing and the written word are still the essence of my production, but today I choose to insert them into a more hybrid context, including sculpture and interactiveness. In this way, I go beyond the limits of the paper and reinterpret the drawing in different mediums exploring its numerous possibilities: the drawing which mixes with the tridimensional and which also dialogues with the public and asks their collaboration to exist.

By the plurality of means, my artworks become imaginary lands; territories designed by my look, but traced as a home without physical and cultural boundaries.”